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They put their trust in their partner, their focus on protecting the city and their efforts to get home safely.

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So why then, a photographic book about police officers? The job they so diligently do each and every day is filled from calls of sheer terror to laugh-out-loud moments, to downright boredom. But all the pictures in this book show the reality of police work across the United States, capturing moments of humor or tenderness, stress or danger.

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  • Chairman Meow and the protectors of the proletariat.
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Taken together, they convey the passion that police officers have for keeping our country safe and fair, everywhere for everyone. Anyone perusing this volume, whether a police buff or not, will find photos that spark curiosity and interest. A comprehensive collection of archival, police-related images. Here in the US of A, few among us have experienced anything but, and most of the heavy lifting of a functioning society is borne by cops.

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  4. Raise your glasses, please. Strikingly, organized law enforcement arrived in the States on the streets of New York City within the same decade as the daguerreotype process of photography was invented , and the earliest photos in this collection of three hundred are mesmerizing. And there is familial conflict he must deal with, particularly regarding his own heirs, and the resentment his wife Signe has for his fathering a child with Lady Juniper though it was done before he and Signe wed.

    Meanwhile, Signe's fantasy-obsessed sister Astrid and Juniper's daughter Eilir have become inseparable friends, ever since they took a blood oath in book one. Now in their early twenties, they've formed a Tolkien-inspired platoon of Rangers.

    Chairman Meow and the protectors of the proletariat (Book, ) []

    But even Eilir is a little worried that Astrid is still as absorbed in the world of fantasy as she was at fourteen. To this already powerful cast Stirling adds a group of refugees from England; Sir Nigel Loring has fled that green and no longer so pleasant land with his son Alleyne and several loyal followers.

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    5. Public Protector’s findings not legally binding - De Rebus!
    6. Release (The Protector, #3) by M.R. Merrick;
    7. Stirling, for the first time, allows himself to engage in a little overt satire here; ol' Prince Charles has become King Charles, gone dotty I knew his affection for astrology would lead to no good , and is now under the sway of a ruthless, Livia-like Icelandic queen. This is so beautiful I wish the book's early scenes in England had gone on longer. But it's enough that we get a cameo from Prince William and a swell battle with Moorish pirates off the coast of Africa, before Loring and company make it to America.

      Our Police Protectors, First Edition

      Stirling's writing is as compulsively detailed as ever the Lady Juniper chapters, as usual, suffering the most in pacing , but as there's stronger focus to the narrative there are fewer longueurs. I liked Nigel Loring, even if at times, with his "tally ho, eh what!

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      Stirling also truncates the Lorings' ocean voyage. And when he establishes that Loring's son Alleyne is traveling with a set of signed, first edition Lord of the Rings hardcovers he liberated from a library, it's pretty evident that flighty Astrid might have a love interest in her future. We learn that shipping has returned in nearly as full force as the days of Horatio Hornblower, and I really would have like to have learned more about that.

      Reaching new heights of recognition

      Yeah, go ahead, push my buttons. But this is small beer. There's nothing in these quibbles that hampered to any significant degree my enjoyment of a story filled with characters I'd come to be quite fond of. Mostly, we have a marvelous adventure and a strong entry in an improving trilogy. The new characters and overseas settings are an immense asset, in that we finally see the global scope of the Change. Thus there's greater depth to the overall story.

      Throughout, there is a thematic undercurrent that some might consider Luddite: the notion that technology breeds softness and complacency, and that most people in the modern world suddenly forced to survive the way people had to years ago — living off the land, with every moment of peace the result of a hard-won fight against punishing odds — simply wouldn't make it.

      But I don't see it as being an anti-technology point of view.