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Author Linda Riddle. I was adopted from the local animal shelter. In the beginning, with my first dad, my life was gloom and doom. My new mom noticed I was abused since I walked all hunkered down with my head tilted sideways. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. And that should be enough to instill confidence in you, as a reader.

But this book is a little more special than his fictional exploits, as it details his real-life adventures across the Serengeti plains of Africa. And it might go some way toward inspiring you to take your own adventure. Rare are the examples of coming-of-age stories that also pair well with the adventure genre.

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This one is perhaps the epitome of the mashup, however. The world of Hatchet is certainly worth revisiting — or delving into for the first time. When a book inspires one of the greatest war films of all time, you can bet that the source material is just as formidable.

Though much of the story and themes are similar, the original story actually takes place in Africa during the British colonization of Africa, rather than Vietnam. The language is a little hard to trudge through, but anyone that puts in the time to read this book can count themselves better for it.

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In Sir Edmund Hillary became the first European to successfully ascend to the top of Mount Everest — thanks in no small part to his sherpa companion, Tenzing Norgay. Sometimes the greatest literary adventures begin in the most mundane ways. What begins as a simple walk through rural Pennsylvania turns into an epic of monumental proportions, including encounters with giants, demons, giant insects, and a profane crustacean. Tolkien has written some extraordinary fantasy and adventure literature that has now become a very large part of popular culture and our collective consciousness.

We posit, however, that the best of his work is also the simplest: The Hobbit.

Rather, it was based on a true story of the whaleship Essex following a violent collision with a sperm whale. For ninety days, the crew of the ill-fated vessel floated around the ocean in three tiny boats. Interestingly enough, though Mark Twain was absolutely a master of penning fictional tales, his best adventure story might actually be one that really happened to him. This is that book. S, to and through Europe, and eventually to Bethlehem. This story is about an ill-fated trip up the side of Mount Everest. Lewis and Clark — and, perhaps even more importantly, Sacajawea — were single-handedly responsible for charting a good deal of the Louisiana Purchase and are therefore exceedingly important parts of American history at large.

The story of that very expedition can be found in the pages of this book. And it is as much an exciting adventure story as it is an illuminating look into what the American landscape was like before it was settled.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Albeit not as popular or famous as 20, Leagues , Journey to the Center of the Earth is perhaps just as adventuresome and imaginative. In fact, this book is actually a collection of short stories, each of which deserves a place in the spotlight — and some of which like Rikki-tikki-tavi that have actually gotten it in some form or another.

This is an excellent book for children and adults alike. First, the book is surprisingly different from the movie. And second, dinosaurs are now and always will be awesome. In fact, there are some uncanny similarities to the story found within the pages of this book and the Harrison Ford movies. If you like adventures into the unknown with plucky heroes against all odds, this one is a must-read.

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Sometimes people are forced into real-life adventures. Other times, they are self-imposed — often seemingly inexplicably, like in Kon-Tiki. This true story follows Thor Heyerdahl as he attempted to recreate a legendary Polynesian myth, traveling 4, nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean on a tiny wooden raft with five other people.

World War II produced some of the most triumphant and the most heartbreaking stories of all time. On very rare occasions, however, stories came out of that time period that were both.

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The Long Walk is one such story. This is the true tale of the author and six other prisoners who escaped a Soviet labor camp only to journey across literal thousands of miles on foot through Mongolia, China, and Tibet on their way to British India.

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You should still read it again as an adult, as we promise you much of the symbolism and subtlety was lost — or maybe never even garnered. In creating a story that wasn't too bland and wasn't too confusing, it helped that Langdale was able to lean on a previously created "Puss in Boots" universe, both in story and with GGI models which saved some resources.

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As far as technical constraints, Netflix said that for buffering reasons, no "choice" could last less than two minutes, and there had to be two choices in each brand, Fisher said. However, in the future, Netflix would like to experiment with more than two choices. To help kids understand what's going on initially, there's also a short explanation of how to navigate the story at the start of the narrative, which in the Puss in Boots demo was slickly worked into the storyline.

Early on in development, Netflix made an prototype of a choose-your-own-adventure show by chopping up previous episodes of "The Adventures of Puss and Boots. So Netflix decided to guide kids toward using the remote. The big question is how much traction Netflix will get with these types of narratives.

Choose-your-own-adventure books never really expanded outside the kid and young adult realm, and remain niche. But conversely, video games have continued to build more and more compelling plotlines, and are approaching this choice-driven cinematic experience from the other side. Still, even if the "branching" narrative isn't a monster hit for Netflix, it shows that one day Netflix might have an appetite for experimenting with things like virtual reality, or even augmented reality which overlays virtual objects onto the real world , as these all give the company the chance to prove it can bring ideas to life that its traditional TV competitors cannot.

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A brief survey of the short story part JD Salinger | Books | The Guardian

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