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  1. Secrétariat des affaires étudiantes
  2. The French burkini case: “Uncover this breast that I cannot not behold »
  3. Pauline RAVINET
  4. L'Etat de droit selon le droit administratif français - Persée

Formulaire de recherche.

Secrétariat des affaires étudiantes

Description Contenu Organisation Enseignements En plus Social psychology Contenu non disponible. Contenu non disponible. Strategy of public organizations Contenu non disponible. Human resources management in public sector Contenu non disponible.

The French burkini case: “Uncover this breast that I cannot not behold »

Public performance and management control Contenu non disponible. See "Presentation Norms" on the page "Defence". For more on submitting a thesis in a foreign language, see the "Defence" page.

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Some foreign universities require a pre-defence. Inquire with the relevant academic authorities. Identifying a research unit The candidate must identify a host research laboratory.


Thesis proposal Sciences Po's Graduate School is careful to limit PhD admissions to students whose thesis proposal is likely to succeed. These elements are: The selection of the research problem must be supported by previous work. A presentation of the chosen methodology to address the given problem. An evaluation of the feasibility of the planned research from both a scientific and practical perspective.

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Some topics require access to areas or data that are not easily accessible. This is particularly important for employed candidates. The financing of studies: in accordance with the decree of 25 May setting the national training framework and the procedures leading to the issuing of the national doctoral degree, the financial preconditions must be met to ensure the orderly conduct of the research work and preparation of the thesis.

Emmanuelle, responsable administrative de l'école doctorale droit et science politique

Doctoral funding is therefore necessary to engage in a doctoral thesis. For more information on funding opportunities, see the section on Funding. The academic record should preferably be consistent and coherent. In all cases the requisite academic track record must be very good. Moreover, for employed candidates, the professional career must be explained and related to the thesis project: how might the candidate's professional experience tie into the thesis project?

L'Etat de droit selon le droit administratif français - Persée

Is the thesis part of a professional development plan? The principles The joint thesis involves guidance from two supervisors : a professor at IEP Paris and a professor from a foreign institution.


In France, joint theses are governed by the amended decree of 6 January on international joint theses PDF, 45Ko At Sciences Po, joint theses may only be permitted if: The student has already been admitted to Sciences Po The two thesis supervisors approached have conferred and provided their consent in writing. Advantages A joint thesis only makes sense and is only possible if the research project is shared by two institutions.

Disadvantages Joint theses may be difficult if the thesis supervisors have divergent views on the PhD student's work, or if the institutions' rules are too far apart. The agreement must include the following information: The university of primary enrolment Terms of tuition payment Terms of the defence Terms of sharing the defence fees Once the agreement is signed, all parties will receive a copy. If any breach of agreement should arise, management should be contacted. Tuition Tuition will be paid in accordance with agreement.