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  4. Journal des Goncourt (Premier Volume) by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt
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Paris: Masson et Fils, Paris: Bossange, Masson et Besson, Philadelphia: Joseph Cruikshank, Thirteenth edition. Read More about The Death of Abel. In Five Books. Attempted from the German. Paris: Imprimerie de Patris, Binet, Louis. Attractive copy, most probably a large paper issue, and an excellent example of the work of Louis Binet, better known for his illustrations during this period for the novels of Restif de la Bretonne see Ray, p.

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Traduites par M. Paris: N. Elie Lascaux. New York: G. Putnam's Sons, Second printing.

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Paris: E. Dentu, Paris: Charpentier, A pristine copy in original wrappers — one of 15 on Japan vellum. The journal commences shortly after the death of Jules and includes Edmond's account of the Paris Commune. Read More about Journal de Goncourt.

Journal des Goncourt (Deuxième série, premier volume) by Goncourt and Goncourt - Free Ebook

Premier Volume. Paris: G. Charpentier, Hennique was a novelist and playwright, and along with fellow author Alphonse Daudet, Edmond's executor. La Patrie en danger. London: Printed for S. Bladon, in Pater-Noster-Row, Novel satirizing European society by depicting it from the viewpoint of visiting Chinese. Fifth edition. - Libros gratuitos - Free Books

With A Dictionary of French Argot. Dutch edition of this curiosity, a verse epic recounting the deeds of "ce fameux voleur" Cartouche, in thirteen books of heroic couplets and engaging plates. It was first printed in At pp. Read More about L'Avenir d'Aline. Paris: Deswarte Garnier Editeurs, Limited to copies signed by both the author and illustrator. Signed by Author and Illustrator. Nineteen poems by Guillot and 24 illustrations by Hamon. Poems by Claude Guillot.

Paris: Librairie Hachette et Cie.

Journal des Goncourt (Premier Volume) by Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt

Boulevard Saint-Germain, No. Printed on India Paper. London: Chatto and Windus, Number of copies printed for sale in England. Paris: Librairie L. Conquet 5, rue Drout, 5, Ediion not mise dans le Commerce. Exemplaire offert a Monsieur Morin par L.

With original pen and watercolor drawing in three vignettes on half-title by Henry Tomm signed lower right. Read More about Karikari. Inscribed by the author on the flyleaf: "? P: London: James R. Part of the publisher's "Red Letter Stories. The Translation by Lafcadio Hearn. First edition, the "Two Years in the French West Indies" does not have the "In Press" statement, but on page [] "A Hazard of New Fortunes" the cloth edition does not have a price but it does have a statement from the press, nor The Translation and Introduction by Lafcadio Hearn.

Paris: Mecure de France, First French Edition.

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One of 55 copies. London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, Freely translated from the first Part of the French London: Printed for the Author, and sold by William Cadman, et al, First English translation of this key treatise which codified the rules of 17th-century French dramatic classicism.

It was first published in French as La pratique du Amsterdam: Chez Pierre Chayer, William Levitan, in his recent Paris: Alphonse Lemerre, [ca. First published in Paris: Casterman, n. However, despite their reduction in the novels and the Journal of all feminine types to the one monstrous femme with which dix-neuviemistes are all too familiar, there does exist her opposite, she who could have emerged and flourished only under the right conditions, conditions not offered by the nineteenth century. The Goncourt brothers cite the years from the death of Louis XIV to the execution of Marie-Antoinette as the period in which France was the capital of wit and style, as the period in which French artists produced uniquely French art, and as the only period in which French women sublimely ruled French society and culture.

The brothers' vitriolic treatment of women becomes more fully meaningful, therefore, not solely in the context of an examination of their novels and the Journal, nor as part of a general cultural phenomenon i. The Goncourt brothers' Journal, their record of Parisian society in the last half of the nineteenth century, opens with Louis-Napoleon's coup d'etat and the publication of their first novel, En The novel announces through its title the two trajectories that their careers will follow: the literary and the historical. The Journal will serve as the nineteenth-century counterpart to the historical works that they devoted almost exclusively to the eighteenth century: the brothers' descriptions of their contemporaries in the Journal offer opportunities to compare what they perceive as two strikingly dissimilar historical moments.

The eighteenth century, symbol in their minds of all that was great and noble in France, is the criterion against which the nineteenth century, especially the Second Empire, is judged and reviled. Parallel to the juxtaposition of two historical moments are two notions of history, one perceived as authentic by the nature of the documents it left to posterity, the other demagogic, opportunistic, and self-serving in its manipulation of events for political purposes: "Ah!

The former type of history ends and the latter type begins with the Revolution.

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The brothers' sense of distinction from their contemporaries comes precisely from their perception of the difference between the eighteenth and the nineteenth century and their cultural and intellectual affinity with the former:. The disparity between the two periods appears to them almost unfathomable, and they are constantly confronted with evidence to support this judgment.

About a lunch at Trianon with Princess Mathilde and her entourage the Goncourts comment: "Nous ne croyions guere, quand nous sommes venus chercher les pas de Marie-Antoinette, dejeuner dans le decor de chaumiere, que lui dessina Hubert-Robert, avec une Napoleon" Journal 1: An unknown error has occurred.

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