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  1. O ignis Spiritus paracliti (Ferrari, Carlotta)
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Hildegard von bingen: O Ignis Spiritus Paracliti .m4v

JL February Posts: Rather than typesetting O Ignis in square notation, I would recommend making a transcription by hand calligraphy pens on a big staff work well using Hildegard's note shapes and a text underlay that works for you. The notation is easy to learn all the neumes you're used to--the clivis, the podatus and so forth--are there , and the shape of the notation conveys much better the for lack of a better word "wiggliness" of the music.

As written, O Ignis has a very high tessitura, so if you haven't got a quorum of hardcore sopranos, transposition is a good idea.

If you do have the treble forces, however, it sounds very cool at the written pitch which is equivocal anyway in medieval music. And as a shameless plug, if you're in the Boston area tomorrow February 23 , you can come hear O Ignis and the Hildegard Kyrie mentioned in another recent thread along with lots of other good stuff at 8 p.

More information is available at www. If you like, we'll show you our transcriptions. Adam Wood February Posts: 6, CHGiffen February Posts: 4, Thanked by 3 tomjaw Adam Wood JL. My mistake! Perhaps someday the pertinent library will give us a nice scan of the Dendermonde manuscript as well--then we'd have everything.

O ignis Spiritus paracliti (Ferrari, Carlotta)

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SOUNZ Pepe Becker: O ignis spiritus - hardcopy SCORE

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